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We Discover Unique Home Buying Values

Everyone deserves a wonderful place to call home. The Apex National Real Estate team serves buyers who don’t have the means to buy an expensive new house or the ability to research foreclosed homes for sale. We navigate the growing field of reduced-priced homes for sale opportunities for you!  We buy the right kinds of homes for sale, fix them up where needed, and then offer the homes for sale at outstanding savings. Our executive team is known for the experience we’ve gained over three generations in real estate.

Apex National Real Estate also offers value assessment, property inspections, and title research.

We Only Offer The Best Homes At The Best Prices

We do not buy homes for sale directly from homeowners dealing with foreclosure.  We do not buy homes for sale currently owned by banks.  We look at all foreclosed homes for sale in the Chicago area that have recently become available. It takes a good eye like ours to spot the right ones. For every home we buy, we reject more than 200 that don’t meet Apex standards. We inspect, establish value, and verify title information before purchasing any homes for sale to ensure we’ll be able to pass along a great deal to our buyers.

Our skill in understanding this marketplace of homes for sale makes us unique and is the key to providing the right homes for sale to our buyers at the right prices. We work with both Home sellers and Realtors to focus on a quick, uncomplicated sale.

Meet The Apex National Real Estate Team

We’d like you to meet our key staff members who not only find our great homes but who also make the decisions on what quality updates each property needs. Our talented team has years of experience in the home buying and selling markets so they know the right neighborhoods to search out and what will make an exceptional Apex home for your family. Whether you are buying a home from us or selling us your home, you can rest assured the Apex team has the knowledge and expertise to handle the sale in a timely and professional manner.

Mark Filler, Founder

Mark’s companies have originated over $150 billion of mortgage loans. One of the companies he founded was the largest residential renovation lender in the U.S. He was also sole founder/CEO of Jordan Capital Finance (JCF), a lender to residential rehab investors. JCF had 2,000 clients nationwide and became one of the top 3 lenders to fix & flip investors in the U.S. JCF developed sophisticated property valuation/underwriting methodologies that resulted in never losing money on a loan. The business was sold to an affiliate of The Blackstone Group in 2017. Prior to Apex, Mark started 4 successful businesses; none of his investors lost any money and every lender was fully repaid.  Mr. Filler is a graduate of the University of Michigan and Harvard Law School.

Matthew Arminio, Principal

Mr. Arminio is a well rounded real estate investment professional with an extensive background in the single-family REO to the rental industry, having helped institutional buyers identify, acquire, and rehab over 500 homes in the Chicago MSA since August 2012. Matt also founded and built Spring Lake Capital, a single family real estate consulting firm that aids its clients in the implementation of acquisition strategies in the single-family marketplace. Since August 2012, Matt has helped clients purchase over $100,000,000 in residential assets in Chicago. Additionally, he has an extensive background in commercial real estate private equity across all major asset classes, having started his career in lending before moving into brokerage and acquisitions. Matt has a Masters in Real Estate Finance from DePaul University and a Bachelor’s of Business Administration from The University of Notre Dame.

Edward Vanderbilt, Principal

Ed is a licensed Broker in Illinois. Previously he was Head of Acquisitions for LaSalle Street Homes, a Fix & Flip fund with $12M AUM focusing on the Chicago and Atlanta metro markets.  The fund has completed 40 rehabs in the past 4 years.  Ed started his real estate career sourcing and acquiring over 400 rental investment opportunities for Invitation Homes, a subsidiary of Blackstone Group and the largest publicly traded single-family REIT in the US. He has acted as the acquisitions agent on the purchase of approximately $100MM of properties over the last 5 years in the single-family residential market.  Ed graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana with a double concentration in Finance and Economics.

Ryan Walsh, Principal

Ryan is a licensed Managing Broker in Illinois. He currently works with a large network of investors sourcing Fix & Flip and Rehab & Rent investment opportunities in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Previously, Ryan was Head of Acquisitions at a fund with $7M AUM that generated a 14% ROI. He has acted as the acquisitions agent on the purchase of approximately $20M of properties over the last 2.5 years in the single-family residential market, renovating over 30 single family homes. Ryan graduated from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana with a double concentration in Finance and Economics.

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